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Manchester United Stadium

Manchester united Multiwal panel wall multi design

For many football fans, the heart beats faster when they hear the name Manchester United. One of the most famous clubs from the Premier League of the United Kingdom. Old Trafford is the Premier League stadium.

We are also charmed by this club. That is why we were very proud of the assignment to deliver beautiful, striking panel walls at the Manchester United Stadium hotel. Multiwal delivered six beautiful mobile panel walls of the Select 100 K type with ease of use Multi Electric at the prestigious hotel of Manchester United in England. In the congress and meeting section, a soothing gray tone has been chosen, in the supporters home beautiful football prints have been applied with many references to the history of the club. Premier League worthy.

Man Utd 1
Man Utd 2
Man Utd 4
Man Utd 5

Rotterdam Ahoy

Ahoy Panel walls | Multiwal
Ahoy Blog Paneelwand Klein
Ahoy Blog Paneelwand Open Klein
Ahoy Blog Paneelwand Dicht Klein 02
Ahoy Blog Paneelwand Dicht Klein

Multiwal provides a unique piece of technology in Rotterdam Ahoy

Who does not know the Ahoy venue? Rotterdam Ahoy is huge. The new roof construction of the Ahoy complex is characterized by extremely wide cantilevered spans, the new roof is extremely strong whilst at the same time remaining flexible. Extremes of weather including high winds and heavy snow fall mean the roof can deflect up and down by up to 70mm.

Van der Valk Uden

Van der Valk Uden Multi design
IMG 1879
IMG 1880
IMG 1881
IMG 1883
IMG 1884