Moveable Walls

Moveable walls, the complete solutions for room layout

The moveable walls of Multiwal are of high quality with unprecedented possibilities. They are available in various versions. The solid panel moveable folding walls can also be combined nicely with our Commandoor walls.

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State of the art

The moveable, folding walls with high sound insulation can even be fitted with double-glazed glazing within our type Commandoor system. This type of wall combines the openness and transparency of glass with high levels of sound insulation. The possibilities with glass and profile finishing are almost endless.

Multi Electric without additional costs

In addition to top quality, we also attach great importance to comfort. Convenience serves man after all. That is why our Select and Commandoor type options are equipped with the maintenance-free Multi Electric system as standard, and without additional costs. These walls can be effortlessly opened and closed with ease.

Moveable panel walls, folding walls and glass walls

You can always call us without obligation for advice about our moveable, folding wall systems. You can also choose from the various products on our website. With our wall designer you can put together all your movable, folding walls by yourself. From moveable panel and glass walls to folding walls, and including our acoustic and sound-insulating walls. All our walls are available in a wide range of finishes.


Our movable, folding walls are available in many designs, colours and materials. Within our projects section you get an impression of the possibilities. For example you can choose the standard, but also acoustic, printed, fine veneer, textile or laminate finishes. And what about whiteboard, magnetic board or bulletin board? With print you can make it as individual as you like, because any image is possible. For example, walls with their own unique graphic or entirely in the colours of your house style. Exclusive paneling is also a possibility: with vision panels or even mirrors.

Track systems

Multiwal provides operating convenience down to the smallest detail. Tracks in any colour and many different parking positions are possible with all our moveable, folding walls. Thanks to the balanced construction of tracks and our precision rollers, you can move the moveable, folding walls from Multiwal with the minimum of effort. Even easier is the Multi Electric system, because then it is just a touch of a button. Watch the video and see just how easy it is.

Thanks to our years of experience, Multiwal has developed a number of silent track systems for all its moveable, folding walls. Multiwal has three standard track systems available, each with their own unique roller system. In addition to the three standard options, we also make customized systems for special projects.

Wall designer

You can find the wall designer on our website. With this you can easily bring together your folding wall by yourself. We are happy to do this for you and so feel free to call us. We would like to inform you of the extensive range of moveable, folding walls available from Multiwal.

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Multiwal produces its walls as sustainably as is possible and carries the internationally recognised FSC quality mark, which ensures all raw materials for wood and paper products are sourced from responsibly managed forests. Multiwal is helping to protect forests worldwide!

Top 5 product features:

  • unprecedented possibilities;
  • Select and Commandoor are standard with Multi Electric, without additional costs;
  • top quality through our own design and manufacturing;
  • acoustic, sound-insulating and fire-retardant;
  • production according to FSC quality mark.