Multi Eco 85 U

If soundproofing is less important, but you must retain the flexibility of a moveable wall with the depth of finishing options we have available, then the Multi Eco is the solution.

Type U: When the wall is closed, approx. 5 mm visible aluminum profiles

Technical features


  • Element thickness 85 mm
  • Maximum element width 1260 mm
  • Maximum element height 4000 mm
    Special dimensions on request

Frame Construction

  • Self-supporting aluminum / steel frame construction

Cover boards

  • High-quality E1-quality chipboard, 12 mm, free-floating

Optional: FSC, MDF, waterproof, fire retardant

Sound insulation laboratory value according to DIN and ISO 10140-2

  • Sound insulation from 38 dB


  • 35 kg/m2

Vertical profiles

  • Conical clear anodized aluminum profiles
  • With double inner rubber seal profiles and integrated magnetic strip

Vertical connection between elements

  • Type U: With wall closed, approx 5mm visible aluminum profiles

Horizontal connection against head track and finished floor

  • Black anodized aluminum pressure bars with double rubbers to compensate for uneven floor surface
  • To accommodate structural deviations/deflection up to 40 mm

Fire rating

  • Fire rated boards optional

Pass doors

  • Single pass door/s
  • Full height hinged door

Operating systems

  • Manual as standard

Sealing pressure
1,5 KN

Aluminum / steel, standard in RAL 9010

Maximum panel weight 300 kg

Special elements
For example corner, glass, T elements optional

Environmental conditions
Suitable for indoor use. Maximum realistic humidity of 60%