Glass Walls

Moveable glass walls from Multiwal, transparent design

If you are looking for an open and transparent look, then opt for the moveable glass walls from Multiwal. Top quality glass walls that are aesthetically pleasing, provide effective sound-insulating and are energy-saving.

Own manufacturing

Through our own manufacturing in the Netherlands and Germany, where we use the latest production techniques and CNC machines, Multiwal delivers top quality products, consistently. We can design and deliver glass moveable walls using any one of our glass wall systems. We always take into consideration during the design phase the operating comfort, sound insulation and fire safety of all our moveable, folding glass walls.


Specifically for the Multiwal glass walls, rollers have been developed with high-quality components and the latest roller technology. Each element is suspended from two rollers, so that it can be parked in any desired position via an auxiliary track system.

In combination with an ingenious aluminum track system, produced within our own factory, the walls can be moved effortlessly. The track is supplied as standard in RAL 9010, but can be supplied as an optional extra in any other RAL colour.

Our specially developed aluminum profiles are patented. With this Multiwal guarantees an indestructible self-supporting frame construction. The frame can be supplied in any RAL colour of your choice. White or anodised are available as standard.

The walls are equipped with single glazed ESG (toughened) or double-sided VSG (laminated) safety glass 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thick. All our visible glass edges are polished. Many additional options are also possible, such as decorative foils on or between the glass and coloured, sandblasted or structured glass. You can find beautiful examples on our projects page.

Floor and ceiling connection
The horizontal aluminum designed profiles on the top and bottom of each element are supplied with a brush-closing profile that ensures a seamless connection between rail and floor.

Vertical connection
You can choose from a choice of profiles:

  • type View: without vertical aluminum profiles for optimum transparency;
  • type Look: with vertical aluminum profiles that come with an inset rubber seal;
  • type Sight: with feature aluminum vertical profiles, equipped with a magnetic seal.

Easy to use
The glass moveable wall elements provided by Multiwal can be anchored in their entirety or separately, which gives an enormous increase in safety during use. Thanks to a balanced construction and the use of our silent track systems, our moveable glass walls can easily be operated with one hand.

Design and execution

The possibilities for design are endless thanks to the flexibility of Multiwal’s moveable walls. The glass walls can be finished in many ways, for example with part or full colour manifestation. You can also add visuals, photos, logos and / or text to create a custom-made design. Other options include, glass etching and coloured or structural glass. Everything can be tailored to your wishes or ideas. We are happy to discuss these extensive possibilities.

Types and composition possibilities

Glass moveable walls provide a beautiful light and a spatial effect. Multiwal has three destinct versions, in which a combination of construction options are also possible:

1. Type View: supplied without vertical aluminum profiles;
2. Look type: supplied with vertical aluminum protection profiles;
3. Type Sight: supplied with vertical feature profiles.

Top 5 properties of glass walls:

· Transparent design, spatial effect, beautiful light;
· Insulating;
· Multi Electric, without surcharge on type Select and Commandoor systems;
· Many extra options are possible;
· Available in 3 types.