Multiwal delivers top quality as standard

The moveable wall systems, folding walls from Multiwal are available in numerous finishes and designs. You can easily make every room larger or smaller, its simple! A standard laminate wall is possible, but what about a glass wall or a beautiful veneered wall? You do not have to choose, we can just as easily combine a glass wall element with a laminate wall element, or a veneer element with a glass element. Thanks to Multiwal’s own production capabilities, the possibilities are endless. Not only in the design of your walls, but also in the choice of materials and composition of each individual element of your wall. Do you still not know what to choose? Take a look at our projects and be inspired.

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Production in-house

By always opting for customisation and using the best materials, Multiwal can supply the perfect dividing wall. Multiwal chooses to design and produce everything itself and has the latest CNC robotic production lines. This method of production ensures that Multiwal deliver a consistent level of quality every time. Ensuring our customers get a high-quality and efficient product as standard. The result is that we have been at the top of the market for years. We guarantee that you always get great value for money.
Multiwal guarantees top quality.


Multiwal takes into account the world in which we live. Multiwal therefore produces its walls as sustainably as possible and carries the internationally recognised FSC quality mark, this ensures that raw materials for wood and paper products are sourced from responsibly managed forests, to protect our forests worldwide!

The sky is the limit

In the search for the perfect wall system, Multiwal goes to great lengths to fulfill your wishes. Customisation is standard at Multiwal. We ensure an appropriate design and we install and optimize your new moveable walls, folding walls and glass walls to the highest standards.

Thanks to the flexibility of our moveable, folding wall systems, your every wish can be met. We always take into consideration the fire safety and sound insulation of your walls. Also ease of operation is important. As standard we supply our state-of-the-art Multi Electric system with our Select and Commandoor options.

Whether it concerns rooms in hotels, music venues, residential homes, schools, halls, conference centres, town halls, exhibition halls, sports complexes or any non-residential building.

Local network

The best service is provided locally. Multiwal has five locations in the Netherlands, France, Germany, England and Denmark. We also offer an extensive network of agencies. They represent Multiwal and offer top quality in every country. This way you are always assured of a quality service locally.

Worldwide service

Worldwide, Multiwal advises, produces and installs moveable, folding walls. As an international company with our head office in the Netherlands, we offer competitive prices, virtually unlimited possibilities, a great deal of knowledge and creative freedom in every conceivable design.

Moveable walls, folding walls and glass walls

With our own Multiwal wall designer you can create your movable walls, folding walls by yourself. From moveable walls and glass walls to folding wall systems, but also our acoustic and sound-insulating walls. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

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Multiwal, Your partner through the process

Multiwal is your partner during the entire process. We have our own advisers, own designers, own manufacturing and our own engineers and we speak the language of architects and builders alike. We set the bar high when it comes to quality and service. Multiwal created, among other things, the Harocoustic folding wall, a super insulating partition wall that ensures optimum comfort. Type Haro 24 is the highest sold folding wall in the world. Multi Electric is also an invention of Multiwal and is already standard across our Select and Commandoor systems, without additional costs.

Why choose Multiwal?

  • Top quality through own design and manufacture;
  • Excellent service worldwide and at a local level;
  • Absolute top in the moveable, folding wall sector;
  • Select and Commandoor are standard with Multi Electric, without additional costs;
  • DIN, ISO and FSC certified.

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