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  • Multiwal introduces its most innovative product, type Commandoor on June 1st 2011

Multiwal introduces its most innovative product, type Commandoor on June 1st 2011


Besides the traditional moveable walls and glass walls, Multiwal has developed a completely new concept: Commandoor moveable wall. This wall combines the openness and transparency of glass with a high sound insulation. The Commandoor is a moveable wall comprising two sheets of safety glass, encapsulated by aluminium profiles which ensure structural stability. Consistent with traditional moveable walls, the Commandoor is delivered with the Multi Electric system as standard. Factory crafted double glazing enhances the acoustic insulation. The permutations of profile finishes and glazing types are endless and result in a functional and stylish piece of engineering.

The thin aluminium profiles can be executed anodised as well as powder coated in any available colour. Because of the thin profiles, a beautiful pattern of lines comes into existence with the full transparency and openness of glass.

The Commandoor can be combined endlessly with the already proven type Select, which leads to a functional and stylish unity.

Commandoor Panel thickness 90 – 100 mm
Soundproofing: DIN EN 10140-2 /
20140-3, laboratory values
Rw, P 40, 42 and 44 dB
Rw, P 46 – 50 dB*

Fully self-supporting aluminium frame construction. The panel connections consist of vertical aluminium panel side profiles, E6/ EV anodised. Vertical aluminium profiles can be colour coated as an option.

6, 8 and 10 mm VSG or ESG glass.

Surface weight 30 – 50 kg per m2, depending on the soundproofing

Our strength: a combination of two techniques in one design.